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These pages are still available to supply helpful historic information. All MDI data access is now served from the JSOC pages at in data series with names starting with "mdi.".
From this page you can make MDI data export requests, search our database, view quick-look data, and review documentation on MDI data and data processing.

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Lev1.8 full-disk 96m magnetograms were recalibrated in December, 2008.

Calibrated magnetograms are available for download at our ftp site. Thirteen annual ~14 Gb tar files provide the complete 96-minute magnetic series from 1996 - 2008. Individual magnetograms can currently be retrieved at the same site from daily subdirectories. All export requests for lev1.8 magnetograms (synoptic 96-minute and hourly one-minute campaigns) receive data calibrated with the best available method. See Lev 1.8 for a summary of the MDI magnetic field calibration.

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