SOI-MDI Stanford DSDS Browsers

Introduction and Overview

The Stanford Science Support Center (SSSC) is responsible for receiving, ingesting, processing, cataloging, archiving and distributing the MDI and spacecraft data from the SOHO spacecraft. The raw telemetry stream data as received on the ground is distributed by Goddard Space Flight Center on CD Roms. These data are ingested into the DSDS storage area and are processed via the pipeline programs to different stages identified as level-0, level-1, level-1.5 and level-2. Data are cataloged in the Oracle database at each stage of the processing with one entry per dataset. In addition to dataset information, the catalog database consists of tables to hold dataseries information, epoch information and other details pertaining to the DSDS system and Pipeline processes. Further FITS Keywords Dictionary is also stored in the database. A detailed description of the MDI Data Flow and Processing can be found in MDI-Data Flow Document.

Datasets Catalog

Dpc Table

Keywords Catalog

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