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SOI Technical Notes online

SOI-TN-03-146 (HTML)
P. Rose & R.S. Bogart
Archival of Mt Wilson 60-Foot Solar Tower Data

SOI-TN-01-145 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart
Notes on Processing TON Data

SOI-TN-01-144 (PDF)
Y. Liu & A.A. Norton
MDI Measurement Errors: The Magnetic Perspective

SOI-TN-00-143 (HTML)
Jim Aloise
SOHO Archive of MDI Data

SOI-TN-00-142 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart
Correction of MDI Continuum Intensity for Instrument Degradation

SOI-TN-99-141 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart, J A Aloise, R I Bush, K Leibrand, J Schou, & J Sommers
Designs for Enhanced Browse/Export Pages

SOI-TN-98-140 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart & D. Y. Chou
Archiving Data from the Taiwan Oscillations Network

SOI-TN-98-139 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart & A. Jones
Archiving Data from the Mt. Wilson 60-ft Tower

SOI-TN-97-138 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart (draft)
SOI Data Product Quality Logs

SOI-TN-97-137 (HTML)
R.S. Bogart (draft)
sds/FITS Interface Description

SOI-TN-96-136 (HTML)
R.I. Bush (1996 June)
Images from SOI/MDI

SOI-TN-96-135 (HTML)
R. S. Bogart & R. I. Bush (1996 May)
The Data Status Word for Processing and Data Selection

SOI-TN-96-134 (HTML)
R. S. Bogart, L. A. Discher de Sá, J. R. Kuhn, X. Scheick, T. D. Tarbell, & I. Zayer (1996 Mar)
MDI Flat Fields

SOI-TN-96-133 (HTML)
R. I. Bush (1996 Jan)
Rules for Assignment of MDI Data Product Codes

J. Todd Hoeksema (1996 Feb)
Precision of the MDI Continuum Intensity

J. Todd Hoeksema & Phil Scherrer (1996 Feb)
Precision of LOI Structure Program Calculations

SOI-TN-96-130 (PS - big)
A. G. Kosovichev, T. L. Duvall, Jr. and P. H. Scherrer (1996 Feb)
Simulation of Vector-Weighted Binning for the Medium-l Program

SOI-TN-96-129 (HTML)
R. S. Bogart (1996 Jan)
An Opportunity for High-Resolution Observations Near the Limb

SOI-TN-96-128 (HTML)
R. S. Bogart (1996 Jan)
Techniques for Dealing with MDI List Data

SOI-TN-95-127 (PS)
K. T. Bachmann (1995 Jul)
A Method for Determining High-Degree Solar Oscillation Frequencies from Standard l-nu Diagrams

SOI-TN-95-124 (PS - big)
M. Morrison, T. Tarbell, I. Zayer (1994 Sept)
MDI Guide: Calibration Report

SOI-TN-95-123 (HTML)
R. S. Bogart, P. H. Scherrer, M. B. Stehle, J. K. Suryanarayanan, & K. Tian (1995 Apr)
SOI Data and Information Services on the World Wide Web

P. H. Scherrer, et al. (1995)
SOI Level-2 Data Keywords

SOI-TN-95-121 (PS - big)
M. Morrison, J. Aloise. (1995 Feb)
MDI Guide: SOI-MDI SSSC Data Flow

SOI-TN-94-116 (HTML)
SOI-TN-94-116 (RTF)
R. S. Bogart (1994 Jun)
SDS Time Data Type and Representations of Dates and Times

SOI-TN-94-115 (plain)
R. S. Bogart (1994 May)
SDS Numeric Data Types and Conversion

SOI-TN-94-114 (PS)
L. Bacon (1994 Apr)
Ten-Minute Averaging: Three Types of Filters

SOI-TN-94-113 (Frame4)
J. T. Hoeksema (1994 Mar)
SOI-MDI Magnetic Field Observations

SOI-TN-93-112 (Frame4)
SOI-TN-93-112 (PS)
P. H. Scherrer (1993 Mar; Rev 1995 Sep)
Use of DataSet Names

SOI-TN-94-111 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart (1994 Jan)
An Atlas of MDI Ground Test Images
N. B. The Atlas of Images is in PostScript.

SOI-TN-94-110 (Frame)
SOI-TN-94-110 (PDF)
P. H. Scherrer (1993 Dec)
MDI IP Velocity Algorithm

SOI-TN-93-109 (Frame)
SOI-TN-93-109 (PDF)
J. Aloise, K. Leibrand & J. Suryanarayanan (1993 Nov)
SSSC Implementation Version 1.0

SOI-TN-93-108 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart & L. Bacon (1993 Dec)
The SOI Analysis Library

SOI-TN-93-107 (Frame)
SOI-TN-93-107 (PS)
R. S. Bogart (1993 Sep)
Programming in the SOI Analysis Environment

SOI-TN-93-106 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart & J. Aloise (1993 Sep)
The SOI Program Development Environment

SOI-TN-93-104 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart (1993 Feb)
Naming of Datasets for SOI

SOI-TN-90-103 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart (1993 Feb)
A Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic and Representations

SOI-TN-92-102 (Word)
A. Tom (1992 Oct)
Internal & File Data Structures Description, Use, & Tutorial

SOI-TN-93-101 (RTF + PS)
R. S. Bogart (1993 Feb)
Lessons from the Analysis of Early MDI Optics Package Test Data

SOI-TN-92-096 (PDF)
A. G. Kosovichev (1992 October)
Optimal Masks for the Structure Program

SOI-TN-92-095 (PDF)
R. Bogart (1992 October)
Generation of Artificial TestData I. Individual Images

SOI-TN-92-088 (plain)
L. Bacon, R. S. Bogart, L. D. Sa, & J. K. Suryanarayanan (1992 Sep)
SOI Source, Binary, and Library File Locations

SOI-TN-92-085 (plain)
R. S. Bogart & J. K. Suryanarayanan (1992 Sep)
SOI FITS Keyword List

SOI-TN-92-079 (Frame)
R. S. Bogart, R. I. Bush, V. L. Johnson, and P. H. Scherrer
An Overview of the SOI Science Support

SOI-TN-91-075 (plain)
R. S. Bogart (1991 Sep)
A Prototype for SSSC Data Reduction and Analysis

SOI-TN-066 (Frame)
J. Suryanarayanan (1992 Apr)
Introduction to Embedded SQL

SOI-TN-065 (Frame)
J. Suryanarayanan (1992 Apr)
Introduction to Distributed Databases

SOI-TN-064 (Frame)
R. Nigam & P. Milford (1992 Apr)
Detrending Problem

SOI-TN-063 (Frame)
P. N. Milford & S. Korzennik (1992)
Parallel Processing in Dynamics Pipeline

SOI-TN-91-061 (RTF)
R. S. Bogart (1992 Feb)
Characterization of On-Board Mode Extraction I. Test Plan and Procedures

SOI-TN-058 (Frame)
P. N. Milford & P. H. Scherrer (1992 Jan)
Outline of Gaussian Mask Mode

SOI-TN-056 (Frame)
P. N. Milford & J. T. Hoeksema (1992 Jan)
MDI Campaigns - Draft

SOI-TN-91-028 (RTF + PS + plain)
R. S. Bogart (1991 Sep)
Local Math Library - Associated Legendre Functions

SOI-TN-91-024 (RTF)
R. S. Bogart, R. I. Bush, & J. W. Harvey (1991 May)
Temporal Coordination of Helioseismic Observations

Other SOI Technical Notes (not online)

Catalog #       Author  Name of Document        Date    

SOI-TN-001      Fernandes       Sources of Error in the MDI Velocity Meas.      1989    
SOI-TN-002      Lindgren        Tradeoffs       1989    May
SOI-TN-003      Lindgren        MDI IPU Heritage        1989    May
SOI-TN-004      Tarbell		Sample frames for studying image data compression       1990    Jan
SOI-TN-005      Hoeksema        Method for Determining MDI Roll Specifications  1990    Feb
SOI-TN-006      Hoeksema        Memorandum on MDI Roll Requirements     1990    Mar
SOI-TN-007      Brown   Data Compression of POXs . . .  1990    May
SOI-TN-008      Bacon   Remapping Equations     1990    July
SOI-TN-009      Bacon   Fixed-Point Fast Fourier Transform      1990    July
SOI-TN-010      Bacon   Inner Product   1990    July
SOI-TN-011      Milford IP Algorithm Description & Timing Estimates     1990    
SOI-TN-012      Lindgren        Image Processor Design (white paper)    1990    July
SOI-TN-013      Lindgren        IP Calculation Example  1990    July
SOI-TN-014      Lindgren        Design History  1990    July
SOI-TN-015      Lindgren        Parts Availability      1990    July
SOI-TN-016      Lindgren        Breadboard Plans        1990    July
SOI-TN-017      Brown   Model of IP Computation         1990    Sept
SOI-TN-018      Rosenberg       Simulated MDI Images for Data Compression Studies       1990    Oct?
SOI-TN-019      Milford MDI Campaigns   1990    Oct
SOI-TN-020      Milford MDI Telemetry   1990    Oct
SOI-TN-021      Milford Ephemeris Outline       1990    Oct
SOI-TN-022      Rosenberg       Data Compression for MDI        1991    Jan
SOI-TN-023      Tarbell Noise in Quantized and SQRT'ed Images   1991    Feb
SOI-TN-025      Zayer et al     1024x1024 CCD Cameras   1991    
SOI-TN-026      Milford APU Science Primitives  1991    June
SOI-TN-027      Bacon   Remapping Equations     1991    June
SOI-TN-029      Kuhn    Flatfield Calibration of Crowded or Diffuse Image Array Data... 1990    
SOI-TN-030      McWilliams,Kuhn An Algorithm for Analysing MDI/SOI Limb Data... 1991    
SOI-TN-031      Hale    IP Input Language (Draft)       1991    
SOI-TN-032      Johnson Preliminary Notes on the SOI-MDI EOF Catalog    1991    April
SOI-TN-033      Johnson Software for Encapsulating IP Breadboard Routines GDS-FITS      1991    August
SOI-TN-034      Johnson Responsibilities of NSO for SOI-MDI Data Management     1991    June
SOI-TN-035      Johnson Making/Displaying Movies with an Optical Disk Recorder  1991    June
SOI-TN-036      Johnson Database Examples using dbm-derived Utilities and SQL   1991    Jan
SOI-TN-037      Johnson An Example of Interactive Documentation for SOI Software        1991    Jan
SOI-TN-038      Johnson Preliminary Strategies for SOI Data Set Naming  1991    Sept
SOI-TN-039      Johnson Use of TAE for Prototyping      1991    August
SOI-TN-040      Johnson Processing Mt. Wilson Data Using GRASP  1991    May
SOI-TN-041      Johnson Summary of FITS Information Sources     1991    Oct
SOI-TN-042      Johnson Network File Sharing Tests, Stanford-Univ. of Colorado  1991    Oct
SOI-TN-043      Johnson Exabyte Performance Tests       1991    Oct
SOI-TN-044      Johnson Prelim. Description of the SSSC Data Storage and Distrib. System        1991    Oct
SOI-TN-045      Johnson Prelim. Description of the SOI Science Support Center System    1991    Oct
SOI-TN-046      Johnson Prelim. Description of the SSSC Operations Interfaces   1991    Oct
SOI-TN-047      Johnson Prelim. Design of the SSSC Software Prototype (SOIDS)   1991    Oct
SOI-TN-048      Johnson Estimates of the SOI-MDI Data Volumes and Reduction Rates       1991    June
SOI-TN-049      McWilliams,Kuhn Algorithm for Anal. MDI/SOI Limb Data   1991    Oct
SOI-TN-050      McWilliams,Kuhn Init. Findings on Anal. of Real Limb Profile Data       1991    Oct
SOI-TN-051      McWilliams,Kuhn On Decomposing Limb Obs. Into Spherical Harmonic Modes  1991    Oct
SOI-TN-052      Scherrer        Location for the High Resolution Field  1991    Nov
SOI-TN-053      Levay   Susceptibility of the 80C86 CPU Chip to Single Event Upsets     1991    Oct
SOI-TN-054      Bochner MDI Breadboard Filter Oven Thermal Vacuum Test Report   1991    Nov
SOI-TN-055      Scherrer, Milford, Hoeksema     Proposed Revised Structure Program Oct. '90     1990    Nov
SOI-TN-057      Johnson DSDS Prototype  1992    Feb
SOI-TN-059      Sa      High-Rate Telemetry Data Compression    1992    Feb
SOI-TN-060      Johnson, Suryanarayanan Feedback on the DSDS Prototype  1992    Feb
SOI-TN-062      Bochner Results of CCD Assembly Thermal Balance Test    1992    Jan
SOI-TN-067      Lum     Single Event Latchup and Upset Testing of a 12 Bit Analog & Digital Device      1992    Jan
SOI-TN-068      Johnson & Korzennik     Data Management Strategies: File Organizations Used in Sylvain Korzennik's Reduction Codes      1992    April
SOI-TN-069      Johnson & Korzennik     Data Management Strategies: Shell Scripts Used to Run & Monitor Sylvain Korzennik's Reduction Codes     1992    April
SOI-TN-070      Johnson & Korzennik     Review of the Performance of S. Korzennik's Reduction Codes     1992    
SOI-TN-071      Johnson & Korzennik     Quality Assurance Measures in S. Korzennik's Reduction Codes    1992    
SOI-TN-072      Johnson SOI Computing Facilities Summary        1992    
SOI-TN-073      Johnson Use of Lossy Compression for Browsing SOI Data  1992    
SOI-TN-074      Johnson Possible RAID Storage Uses in the SSSC  1992    
SOI-TN-076      Johnson Style Recommendations for SOI Scientific Algorithms & Software  1992    March
SOI-TN-077      Johnson SSSC Prototyping Accomplishments & Sugg. for Future Work        1992    May
SOI-TN-078      Johnson SSSC Prototyping Plans, Phase 2 1992    June
SOI-TN-080      Suryanarayanan  Backup and Recovery Strategy for the SOI-Catalog Database       1992    July
SOI-TN-081      McWilliams & Kuhn       Calculation of the Center of Full Sun Images    1992    
SOI-TN-082      Lin & Kuhn      On the Perf. of the Gain Iterating Algorithm w/ 1024x1024 Full-Disk CCD Solar Image     1992    
SOI-TN-083      McWilliams & Kuhn       Instr. for Operation of SUNSTAR and SERIES      1992    
SOI-TN-084      Kosovichev      Solar Structure Inversion Package       1992    Aug.
SOI-TN-086      Bacon   Apodization     1992    April
SOI-TN-087      Bacon   Comparison of Interpolation Methods: Bilinear and Cubic 1992    April
SOI-TN-089      Ulrich & Henney Determination of Roll Angle from Magnetic Field Cross-Correlation       1992    Sept
SOI-TN-090      Hoeksema,Scherrer,Bush,Title,Tarbell    The Solar Oscillations Investigation - Michelson Doppler Imager 1992    Sept
SOI-TN-091      Kunnath & Johnson       Distributed Computing Infrastructure for the SSSC       1992    Aug
SOI-TN-092      Johnson Evaluation of OASIS-PS for SSSC Planning & Scheduling   1992    Aug
SOI-TN-093      Johnson & Kunnath       Using C++ for SSSC Development  1992    Aug
SOI-TN-094      Johnson DSDS Feedback from Tuck Stebbins        1992    Aug
SOI-TN-095      Bogart  Generation of Artificial Test Data I. Individual Images 1992    Oct
SOI-TN-096      Kosovichev      Optimal Masks for Structure Program     1992    Nov
SOI-TN-097      Milford Proposal for a Different Set of APU Macros      1992    Oct
SOI-TN-098      Scherrer, Milford, et al        MDI Revised Structure Program   1992    Oct
SOI-TN-099      Gough   On POX Strategy 1992    Nov
SOI-TN-100      Suryanarayanan  SOI-MDI SSSC Conceptual Design  1993    Jan
SOI-TN-105      Aloise et al    Preliminary SSSC Comceptual Design      1993    March
SOI-TN-117      Morrison        MDI Guide, IDL Calibration & Analysis Software  1994    June
SOI-TN-118      Zayer et al     SOI-MDI Performance Characteristics     1994    May
SOI-TN-119      Scherrer et al  Status of the Solar Oscillations Investigation- Michelson Doppler Imager        1994    May
SOI-TN-125      Zayer & Tarbell	MDI Measurements During SOHO Jitter Test, 3-4 February 1995	1995
SOI-TN-126      Tarbell		So What Does MDI Really Measure, Anyway?	1995

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