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peq \- pe query
.B peq
\fI[-v] [-d] [-r] [-Oname] prog:name,level:name,series:name\f.SH DESCRIPTION
\fIpeq\fR queries a database for the given dataset name information.

\fIpeq\fR is mainly intended to allow a script to extract database information for a dataset name. Normally a user would view the database with the Oracle sqlforms program.

\fIpeq\fR is also intended for use by the Pipeline Scheduler to retrieve datasets that will be required for map files that the Pipeline Scheduler builds.

\fIpeq\fR is run as a PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) task. A pvm daemon must be running on the host.
.NXR ""
.NXR "module command" "options"
.IP \fB-v\fR 5

The verbose flag.

.IP \fB-d\fR 5

The debug flag. Runs the dsds_svc in debug mode with a dbx window.

.IP \fB-r\fR 5

The retrieve flag. Retrieves the dataset, via lago_svc, if the dataset is not

on-line. A password is required for this option to prevent arbitrary users from running the lago_svc.
.IP \fB-Oname\fR 5

The Oracle db to query instead of the default mdi_ground db.

.NXR(e) ""
csh> peq -v prog:mdi_ground,level:lev0,series:apr1118 dsds_svc tid=42e0f currently running for db=mdi_ground

Registered with dsds_svc as uid=3678

pe_tid: KEYTYP_INT 274003
lago_tid: KEYTYP_INT 0
dsds_uid: KEYTYP_LONG 3678
inname: KEYTYP_STRING in
in_basename: KEYTYP_STRING apr1118
in_wd: KEYTYP_STRING /DSDS2/D3373/apr1118/lev0 in_prog: KEYTYP_STRING mdi_ground in_level: KEYTYP_STRING lev0
in_series: KEYTYP_STRING apr1118
in_dataseries: KEYTYP_STRING prog:mdi_ground,level:lev0,series:apr1118 in_fmt: KEYTYP_STRING %04d
in: KEYTYP_STRING prog:mdi_ground,level:lev0,series:apr1118 in_lsn: KEYTYP_INT 61
in_fsn: KEYTYP_INT 0
svc_name: KEYTYP_STRING cvtlm_svc
svc_version: KEYTYP_STRING V0R8B2
dsds_bytes: KEYTYP_INT 8587838 create_uid: KEYTYP_LONG 3373

Deregistered with dsds_svc as uid=3678

peq Normal Completion

Registered with dsds_svc as uid=3680

pe_tid: KEYTYP_INT 274053
lago_tid: KEYTYP_INT 0
dsds_uid: KEYTYP_LONG 3680
inname: KEYTYP_STRING in
in_basename: KEYTYP_STRING V_mdi
in_wd: KEYTYP_STRING /DSDS1/D3192/cat013/lev1/V_mdi in_prog: KEYTYP_STRING cat
in_prog_fsn: KEYTYP_INT 13
in_prog_lsn: KEYTYP_INT 13
in_prog_sn: KEYTYP_INT 13
in_level: KEYTYP_STRING lev1
in_series: KEYTYP_STRING V_mdi
in_dataseries: KEYTYP_STRING prog:cat[13],level:lev1,series:V_mdi in_fmt: KEYTYP_STRING %04d
in: KEYTYP_STRING prog:cat[13],level:lev1,series:V_mdi svc_name: KEYTYP_STRING gvcalc_svc svc_version: KEYTYP_STRING V0R8B2
tape_pos: KEYTYP_STRING 0005B7470002 tape_id: KEYTYP_INT 20
tape_file_num: KEYTYP_INT 279
dsds_bytes: KEYTYP_INT 550445
create_uid: KEYTYP_LONG 3192


Note: the dataset is not on-line

Deregistered with dsds_svc as uid=3680

peq Normal Completion

Notice that the dataset name must be quoted because of the imbeded [].


Currently does not run on fault due to the lack of Oracle libraries.


Jim Aloise

1994-07-21 SOI Version 0.8.3
.#$Id: peq.1,v 1.3 1994/07/21 18:09:56 jim Exp $ .#$Source: /home/soi/CM/man/man1/RCS/peq.1,v $
.#$Author: jim $

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