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sclean \- clean up dangling storage in a database.SH SYNOPSIS
.B sclean
\fI[-d] database_name\f
\fIsclean\fR is a stand alone program that is called on occasion to clean upany dangling dsds storage. Dangling storage can occur when a pe allocatesdsds storage but never deallocates what was unused, i.e. the pe ordsds_svc crashed.

\fIsclean\fR will get all the entries in the open_pe database table. Each of these entries represent a pe that opened with dsds_svc but never closed.

For each entry, sclean will find the read/write partition assigned to this

uid from the partn_alloc database table. It will then scan the wd for all subdirectories that are not archived and remove them and return the freed storage back to the appropriate partition in the partn_avail table.

\fIsclean\fR will also free any delete pending entries if the -d is given.

\fIsclean\fR must currently be run when dsds_svc is off-line. It will notify you and exit if it detects that a dsds_svc is active.

\fIsclean\fR is run as a PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) task. A pvm daemon must be running on the host where sclean is run.

.NXR ""
.NXR "module command" "options"
.IP \fB-d\fR 5

The delete pending action flag. Also remove any delete pending directories.

.NXR(e) ""
sclean -d alpha

SOI-TN-109 "SSSC Implementation Version 1.0"


Jim Aloise

1994-02-14 SOI Version 0.8
.#$Id: sclean.1,v 1.2 1994/03/02 22:16:08 jim Exp $ .#$Source: /home/soi/CM/man/man1/RCS/sclean.1,v $ .#$Author: jim $

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