Inference of Solar Subsurface Flows by Time-Distance Helioseismology

Junwei Zhao, 2004

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The whole thing 29.3 MB

Preamble Abstract, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures 99 kB
Chapter 1 Introduction 3.81 MB
Chapter 2 Time-Distance Measurement and Inversion Methods 4.24 MB
Chapter 3 Subsurface Flow Fields of Sunspots 8.05 MB
Chapter 4 Dynamics of A Rotating Sunspot 1.77 MB
Chapter 5 Statistics of Subsurface Kinetic Helicity in Active Regions 302 kB
Chapter 6 Deep Structure of Supergranular Flows 931 kB
Chapter 7 Global Dynamics Derived from Synoptic Flow Maps 5.46 MB
Chapter 8 Relationship Between Rotational Speed and Magnetic Fields 4.66 MB
Chapter 9 Summary and Perspective 73 kB
Appendix A + B Procedures of Doing Time-Distance Measurement 502 kB
Bibliography 78 kB

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