MDI "continuum" images
June 20 1998
--missing--Movie of 1998 data, 13 meg quicktime.

Movie of 2001 data, 47 meg quicktime.
Movie of 2001 data, 11 meg mpeg.

Directories of files containing sequences of images in several formats.

1998 high res for 20 June hours 0 and 1 high res fits files

1998 Contains FITS, PPM, TIFF, and TIFF in 512 pixelsindexed by MDI day numbers and 96min numbers. Contains High Res 1998 data in FITS and TIFF indexed by MDI horu and minute numbers.
2001 Contains 1300 TIFF files indexed by MDI hour numbers and minute numbers.
Note that the file names are MDI internal names which use day, hour, 96min, and minute numbers. Day and hour numbers are counted from Jan 1 1993 so are at first a bit strange. In particular the day numbers in June 1998 look like years since day 2000 was 24 June (SOHO's day 2000 problem). We will make links to these as sequential files, or Tom can do that. They sort correctly on unix systems. Contact Keh-Cheng Chu at 650-723-9374, or