O V Blinkers in the Quiet Sun

The image shows an array of 40x120 arcsecond frames in the O V line at 629 Angstrom (250,000 K) running in time from top left to bottom right (see Harrison et al. 1999, Astron. Astrophys. 351, 1115). The flashes seen in the frame are the EUV blinkers. The frames show approximately two supergranular cells and the blinkers can readily be identified in the cell coundaries. The movie shows the background subtracted transition region intensity of the OV spectral line. The CDS 4 x 240 arcsec slit is located at one position, and the observation takes place over a period of two hours. The contours in the plot above the surface plot outline the brighter network structures (but do not show individual brightenings), and the cell and network regions are labelled. The space axis is aligned along the CDS slit (south to north is -100 to 200 arcsecs); the time axis is equivalent to a West-to-East space dimension due to the Sun's rotation. There are many brightenings which occur nearly uniformly throughout the quiet Sun regardless of the presence of network or cell. It is found that the energy frequency power-law index is higher in the cell regions than in the network. This work is described in; Harra, L. K.; Gallagher, P. T.; Phillips, K. J. H., 2000, A&A, 362, 371.