Solar Sounds

These are solar sounds generated from 40 days of Michelson Doppler Imager data and processed by A. Kosovichev.

The procedure he used for generating these sounds was the following. He started with doppler velocity data, averaged over the solar disk, so that only modes of low angular degree (l = 0, 1, 2) remained. Subsequent processing removed the spacecraft motion effects, instrument tuning, and some spurious points. Then Kosovichev filtered the data at about 3 mHz to select clean sound waves (and not supergranulation and instrumental noise). Finally, he interpolated over the missing data and scaled the data (speeded it up a factor 42,000 to bring it into the audible human-hearing range (kHz)).

One Mode

(l=1,n=20, nu=2.94-3.0 mHz)

Three Modes

(l=0,n=21, l=1,n=20, l=2,n=20, nu=2.95-3.05 mHz)

All Low-Degree Modes

(l=0,1,2, and 3)

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