SOI Team Science: Limb Figure Analysis


o SOI ID: LF-0

o Team Leader: Jeff Kuhn

o Coordinator: Rick Bogart

o Lead Programmer: Luiz Sá

o Technical Summary:

We will investigate low-frequency global oscillations in the figure of the solar limb by fitting a time-dependent function of the form

Ic (r, theta, t) = Ic0 (r) * [1 + f (t)] * [1 + g (theta, t)]

to the continuum intensity values returned in the limb annulus section of the continuous SOI Structure Program. The low-order Fourier coefficients in the angular domain of the function g() and the function f() will be Fourier-analyzed in the time domain for evidence of oscillations consistent with low-degree acoustic-gravity modes.

o Team Members:

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This page last revised: 26 Nov 1995.

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