The Role of the Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator's prime role is to serve as facilitator and advocate for approved SOI science proposal data collection, pipeline analysis, and distribution. The LC serves as liason between the lead investigator, SOI science team, and appropriate SOI staff members. The LC will be the investigation team's prime contact with the SOI project.

A Local Coordinator is assigned when a proposal is approved. The LC will often be a member of the proposing team or someone who is interested in the science goals of the project and will often be the local coordinator of the most closely related science team. The local coordinator will be someone who works at Stanford, LMPARL, or the EOF.

In cooperation with the investigation team, the Local Coordinator will

The Local Coordinator will participate in the investigation to the degree mutually agreed to with the investigation team. The LC is not obliged to write proposals, generate computer code, perform data analysis, etc. However, the LC will typically assist in the investigation and, if appropriate, should be given the option of joining the team as a co-author of publications.

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Todd Hoeksema / / 11 December, 1996