Global Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Corona Using Observed Photospheric Magnetic Fields

Lead Investigator: Dr. Jon Linker
Science Applications International Corporation

Other Team Members: Dr. Zoran Mikic
Science Applications International Corporation


We propose to use SOI-MDI magnetograms for the development of realistic three-dimensional magnetohdyrodynamic (MHD) simulations of the solar corona. The magnetograms will be used to deduce the radial magnetic field at the photosphere, which in turn will provide the boundary conditions for our MHD computations. The output from the simulations can be compared with independent observations, such as the LASCO coronograph aboard SOHO, or Mauna Loa Coronameter observations. We have already performed such computations using Wilcox Observatory synoptic maps, and our resulting solutions compare favorably with Mauna Loa and eclipse observations. We will also use SOI-MDI magnetograms to investigate dynamic changes in the corona. In particular, changes in the magnetic flux deduced from sequences of magnetograms can be used to specify the magnetic flux evolution at the solar boundary in our MHD computations. In this manner, the possible role of emerging flux in the initiation of coronal mass ejections can be investigated.

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