Guest Investigator Proposals Funded for FY 1998

The following list gives the titles and names of the proposers (principal investigators in boldface) for MDI-related Guest Investigator Proposals funded by NASA for FY 1998.

For more information, see the NASA FY 98 SOHO Guest Investigator Program Web Page.

  1. "3-Dimensional Analysis of Active Regions Loops and Tests of Coronal Heating Models"
    Aschwanden, M.J., University of Maryland, and W.M. Neupert, J. Newmark, B. Thompson, J.W. Brosius, G.D. Holman, T.S. Bastian, and N. Nitta

  2. "Sources of Original and Scattered P-Mode Energy"
    Brown, T.M., B.W. Hindman, and C. Rosenthal, NCAR/HAO

  3. "Equation of State Studies Using SOHO Data"
    Däppen, W., U. Southern California

  4. "Calibration by MDI Data of the Ground Survey of the Solar Radius (DORAYSOL)"
    Delmas, C., OCA, and F. Laclare, F. Chollet, and A. Irbah

  5. "Intensity Distribution of the Solar Transition Region"
    Fisher, G.H. and N.W. Griffiths, U. Calif. Berkeley

  6. "Polar Plumes, Dark Lanes and High Speed Streams: Structure and Dynamics of Coronal Holes with SOHO"
    Hassler, D.M., Southwest Research Institute, and C.E. DeForest

  7. "Seismic Study of the Dynamics of the Solar Subsurface from SOHO Observations"
    Korzennik, S.G., R.W. Noyes, F. Baudin, and A. Eff-Darwich Pena, SAO

  8. "Seismic Holography of Solar Activity"
    Lindsey, C.A., Solar Physics Research Corp. and D.C. Braun and S.M. Jefferies

  9. "Topology and Reconnection in a Survey of X-ray Bright Points"
    Longcope, D.W., C.C. Kankelborg, and A.A. Pevtsov, Montana Stata U.

  10. "Comparing 3D MHD Models of the Solar Corona with SOHO Observations"
    Mikic, Z. and J.A. Linker, SAIC

  11. "Automated Recognition and Characterization of Solar Active Regions Based on the SOHO/MDI Images"
    Pap, J.M. and M.J. Turmon, U. Calif. Los Angeles

  12. "Microflares in Low-Lying Core Fields and Extended Coronal Heating"
    Porter, J.G., K.P. Dere, D.A. Falconer, D.H. Hathaway, R.L. Moore, and E. Tandberg-Hanssen, MSFC

  13. "A Search for Toroidal Magnetic Fields in the Solar Photosphere"
    Rust, D.M., JHU/APL

  14. "Modelling Filaments in 3-D - Linear Force-Free Field Extrapolations of Observed Magnetic Fields (SOHO/MDI) Compared to Filaments Observed in the Chromosphere (MSDP H-alpha and CaII) and Transition Region (SOHO/CDS and SUMER)"
    van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., B. Schmieder, P. Mein, P. Demoulin, and G. Aulanier, DASOP

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