SOI Science Investigation Proposals

SOI will pursue a set of well-established team science objectives that have mostly existed since the inception of the mission. In addition to these objectives, the richness of the data and the power and flexibility of MDI as an instrument for long sequences of photospheric observations should provide for a large number of highly focused scientific investigations conducted either by individuals or by collaborative teams. The SOI project welcomes proposals for such investigations from both SOI team members (Co-Investigators and Associated Investigators) and approved Guest Investigators.

For a brief summary of the capabilities of MDI and the types of data available, see MDI-SOI Observations and Observables. The times at which data from different programs are expected to be available to investigators are contained in the Data Plan.

There is an established procedure for submission and evaluation of proposals. The guidelines for the conduct of approved research investigations are set forth in the Announcement of Opportunity issued 1 August 1995.

Proposals may be submitted via electronic mail to soiproposal@solar.Stanford.EDU or with the proposal form provided on the World Wide Web. Proposals may also be mailed to:

Margie Stehle
Stanford University
HEPL Annex B208
Stanford, Calif. 94305-4085 USA

Proposals Received

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