SOI Proposals Received

SOI proposals provide an opportunity to announce to the SOI science community the scope and intent of investigations. These proposals are not binding nor are they required. They do provide a mechanism to inform others who may be pursuing similar paths to enable efficient use of your and their time. In the SOHO extended mission all proposals for use of MDI data are "accepted" by definition since all MDI data is freely available. (Proposals which require special observations must be discussed with the MDI operations planning. See the "Operations" section of these web pages and contact Rock Bush).

The following list gives the names of the proposers, (lead investigators in boldface), proposal title, and date received for SOI Science Investigation Proposals received. This is a list of proposals received.

  1. R. K. Ulrich, C. Henney, S. Evans, J. Beck, R. Bogart, T. Hoeksema, T. Tarbell, et al.:
    "Joint MDI/GOLF Data Analysis"
    2 Aug 95

  2. E. A. Gavryuseva & V. G. Gavryusev:
    "Large Line Profiles and Time Behavior of Solar p-modes"
    4 Aug 95

  3. P. B. Stark:
    "Assessing and Improving Helioseismological Inferences of Solar Structure"
    10 Aug 95

  4. P. Goode & W. Dziembowski:
    "Probing the Structure and Rotation of the Sun's Core"
    11 Aug 95

  5. P. Goode & W. Dziembowski:
    "Probing the Sun's Rotation at the Base of the Convection Zone"
    11 Aug 95

  6. P. Goode & W. Dziembowski:
    "Search for the Signature of an Internal Magnetic Field"
    11 Aug 95

  7. M. Ryutova:
    "Magnetoatmospheric Effects in Helioseismology"
    18 Aug 95

  8. T. Appourchaux, J.T. Hoeksema, & A. Kosovichev:
    "VIRGO Intercomparison: Reduction of Noise for G Mode Detection"
    21 Aug 95

  9. T. Appourchaux, J.T. Hoeksema, & A. Kosovichev:
    "G Mode Detection with LOI Data and LOI/MDI Proxy"
    21 Aug 95

  10. M. Ryutova:
    "The Effects of the Magnetic Anisotropy in Time-Distance Analysis"
    21 Aug 95

  11. J.O. Stenflo:
    "Global Magnetic Fields"
    23 Aug 95

  12. D.C. Braun & T.L. Duvall, Jr.:
    "Sunspot - p-Mode Scattering Measurements Using Hankel and Time- Distance Techniques"
    24 Aug 95

  13. R.C. Canfield, A. Pevtsov, & F. Hill:
    "Average Magnetic Helicity of Active Regions: What is the Role of Convection Zone Dynamics?"
    25 Aug 95

  14. J. Patrón Recio, I. González Hernández, F. Hill, & D. Haber:
    "Spatial and Temporal Mapping of Horizontal Velocity Flows"
    25 Aug 95

  15. L.H. Strous, R.C. Canfield, & A.A. Pevtsov:
    "Are Photospheric Magnetic and Kinetic Helicity Related?"
    28 Aug 95

  16. T. Tarbell, J. Saba, C.J. Wolfson, & JOP 1 Investigators (J. Gurman, lead):
    "Emerging/Submerging/Canceling Magnetic Flux Regions"
    31 Aug 95

  17. D. Hathaway:
    "Structure and Evolution of the Axisymmetric Surface Flows"
    31 Aug 95

  18. D. Hathaway, Kasher, & Wilkins:
    "Correlation Tracking of Convective Features"
    31 Aug 95

  19. D. Hathaway:
    "A Search for Doppler Velocity Signal from Giant Cell Convection"
    31 Aug 95

  20. D. Hathaway:
    "The Solar Convection Spectrum"
    31 Aug 95

  21. A. Ruzmaikin, A.C. Cadavid, & J.K. Lawrence:
    "Multiscale Analysis of Magnetograms and Dopplergrams"
    31 Aug 95

  22. T.M. Brown, T.J. Bogdan, & A. Skumanich:
    "The Structure and Evolution of Solar Active Regions"
    31 Aug 95

  23. J. Harvey:
    "Characteristics of the Background Spectrum"
    31 Aug 95

  24. J. Linker & Z. Mikic:
    "Global Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Corona Using Observed Photospheric Magnetic Fields"
    1 Sept 95

  25. G.A. Chapman, A.M. Cookson, J.J. Dobias, D. Preminger, & S.R. Walton:
    "A Study of the Flux Budget of Active Regions Using SOHO/MDI and Ground-Based Data"
    1 Sept 95

  26. A.G. Kosovichev, T.L. Duvall, Jr., P. Giles, D.O. Gough, & T. Sekii:
    "Diagnosis of the Structure and Dynamics at the Base of the Convection Zone"
    1 Sept 95

  27. R. Nigam, R.N. Bracewell, T.L. Duvall, Jr., A.G. Kosovichev, G. Price, P.H. Scherrer & T.D. Tarbell:
    "Diagnosis of the Structure of the Active and Quiet Regions from Observations of High-Frequency Modes and From Time-Distance Seismology"
    1 Sept 95

  28. A.G. Kosovichev, T.L. Duvall, Jr., P. Giles, D.O. Gough, N. Hurlburt, K. Murawski, & J. Toomre:
    "Helioseismic Probes of the Surface Convective Boundary Layer"
    1 Sept 95

  29. A.G. Kosovichev, & V.V. Zharkova:
    "A Search for Seismic Effects of Solar Flares, Mass Ejections and Comets"
    1 Sept 95

  30. A.G. Kosovichev, P. Giles, & H. Shibahashi:
    "Seismic Solar Model"
    1 Sept 95

  31. A.G. Kosovichev, T. Appourchaux, T. Bai, D.O. Gough, J.T. Hoeksema, P.H. Scherrer, P. Sturrock, & T. Toutain:
    "A Search for an Obliquely Rotating Core"
    1 Sept 95

  32. A.G. Kosovichev, M. Brodsky, D.O. Gough, J.T. Hoeksema, J. Perdang, & P.H. Scherrer:
    "Dispersion Properties of the Split Multiplets and Diagnosis of the Aspherical Structure"
    1 Sept 95

  33. A.G. Kosovichev, T. Appourchaux, P. Giles, D.O. Gough, & T. Toutain:
    "Helioseismic Constraints on the Properties of the Energy-Generating Core and on the Solar Neutrino Fluxes"
    1 Sept 95

  34. A.G. Kosovichev, W. Däppen, P. Giles, J.A. Guzik, D.O. Gough, C.A. Iglesias & F. Rogers:
    "Helioseismic Test of the Equation of State and Inference of Element Abundances"
    1 Sept 95

  35. J.L.R. Saba, A. Fludra, & J.T. Hoeksema:
    "Correlative Study of Magnetic Field Properties and Coronal Plasma Composition"
    1 Sept 95

  36. J.L.R. Saba, A. Fludra, R.J. Thomas, J.T. Hoeksema, T.D. Tarbell, C.J. Wolfson, & K.L. Harvey:
    "Characterization of the EUV Counterparts to X-ray Bright Points"
    1 Sept 95

  37. N. Hurlburt, T. Tarbell, R. Shine, A. Title, K. Schrijver, G. Simon, L. Strous, D. Hathaway, & the SOI Surface Flows Team:
    "SOI Surface Flows Team Science Program"
    5 Sept 95

  38. E. Rhodes, L. Didkovsky, A. Kosovichev, S. Korzennik, J. Reiter, Y. Xue, N. Johnson, & P. Rose:
    "Comparison of SOI Helioseismic Parameters with Results from Simultaneous Mt. Wilson - Crimean Network Observations"
    5 Sept 95

  39. E. Rhodes, N. Johnson, P. Rose, L. Didkovsky, P. Scherrer, & T. Hoeksema:
    "Provision of Ground-Based Full-Disk Magnetograms"
    5 Sept 95

  40. E. Rhodes, R. Bogart, L. Sá, D. Haber, F. Hill, A. Kosovichev, S. Korzennik, J. Reiter, Y. Xue, N. Johnson, & P. Rose:
    "Comparison of SOI Convection Zone Dynamics Measurements with Simultaneous Mt. Wilson Measurements"
    5 Sept 95

  41. E. Rhodes, J. Reiter, N. Johnson, P. Rose, L. Didkovsky, & A. Kosovichev:
    "Accurate Measurement of Frequencies of Intermediate- and High-Degree p-Modes"
    5 Sept 95

  42. A.G. Kosovichev, T.L. Duvall, Jr., D.O. Gough, J.T. Hoeksema, P.H. Scherrer, T. Sekii, P.A. Sturrock, & J. Toomre:
    "Helioseismic Tests of Dynamo Theories of the Solar Cycle"
    5 Sept 95

  43. T.M. Brown, T.J. Bogdan, M.P. Rast, & R.T. Stebbins:
    "Study of p-mode scattering, Absorption, and Lifetimes"
    5 Sept 95

  44. P. Milford, T. Duvall, & A. Kosovichev:
    "High Resolution FOV Time-Distance Helioseismology"
    6 Sept 95

  45. T.M. Brown & M.P. Rast:
    "A Search for Discrete Acoustic and Gravitational Wave Sources"
    7 Sept 95

  46. T. Corbard, T. Appourchaux, G. Berthomieu, G. Gonczi, P. Morel, J. Provost, & T. Toutain:
    "2D Inversion of Internal Solar Rotation"
    22 Sept 95

  47. V. Domingo, T. Appourchaux, D. Crommelynck, T. Hoeksema, J. Pap, & L. Sanchez:
    "Contribution to the Understanding of the 11 Year Cycle of Solar Irradiance Variations, Using the LOI and MDI Data"
    20 Sept 95

  48. T. Appourchaux, T. Toutain, M.C. Rabello-Soares, T. Hoeksema, & A. Kosovichev:
    "Pressure Modes with the LOI and the LOI Proxy of MDI"
    20 Sept 95

  49. A. Jiménez, T. Roca Cortés, G. Severino, C. Marmolino, C. Rabello-Soares, C. Wehrli, & T. Hoeksema:
    "Phase Shifts and Amplitude Ratios Between Intensity and Velocity Oscillations"
    20 Sept 95

  50. T. Roca Cortés, M.C. Rabello Soares, A. Jiménez, P.L. Pallé, A. Eff-Darwich, & F. Pérez Hernández:
    "The Gravity Modes Spectrum of the Sun"
    21 Sept 95

  51. B. Andersen (VIRGO), T. Hoeksema (MDI), R. Ulrich (GOLF), T. Appourchaux, R. Bogart, C. Wehrli, P. Boumier, C. Henney:
    "GOLF-VIRGO-MDI Intercalibration"
    22 Sept 95

  52. B. Andersen, T. Appourchaux, J. Kuhn, T. Hoeksema:
    "Facular and p-mode sensitivity of LOI guiding pixels"
    22 Sept 95

  53. A. Bonet, A. Jiménez, F. Gomez, M. Steinegger, M. Vasquez:
    "On the Energy Balance of Solar Active Regions"
    22 Sept 95

  54. T. Appourchaux, B.N. Andersen, G. Berthomieu, P. Gouttebroze, J. Provost, & T. Toutain:
    "Gravity Modes with the Helioseismology Instrument On-board SOHO"
    22 Sept 95

  55. S.K. Solanki, C. Fröhlich, M. Fligge, J. Kuhn, & P.H. Scherrer:
    "Investigations of Solar Luminosity Variations"
    22 Sept 95

  56. J.M. Pap, T. Appourchaux, P. Brandt, G.A. Chapman, D. Crommelynck, W. Finsterle, C. Fröhlich, A. Hanslmeier, H. Hoeksema, J. Kuhn, P. Scherrer, M. Steinegger, M. Turmon, R. Ulrich, & C.H. Wehrli:
    "Study of Solar Irradiance Variability and Solar Magnetic Activity Based on the SOHO/VIRGO and MDI Measurements"
    22 Sept 95 (revised 17 March 97)

  57. A. Cacciani, E. Fossat, P. F. Moretti, J.M. Robillot, & G. Severino:
    "Study of the low frequency part of the Power Spectrum"
    26 Sept 95

  58. J. Provost, T. Appourchaux, G. Berthomieu, T. Corbard, G. Gonczi, A. Kosovichev, P. Morel, & T. Toutain:
    "Inversion of the Solar Core Structure"
    26 Sept 95

  59. A.B.C. Walker, Jr., & C.E. DeForest:
    "Proposed SOHO/MDI Analysis Program: Bright Point Loops"
    27 Sept 95

  60. A.B.C. Walker, Jr., & C.E. DeForest:
    "Proposed SOHO/MDI Analysis Program: Polar and Equatorial Plumes"
    27 Sept 95

  61. R.A. García, J. Patrón, P.L. Pallé, C. Régulo, T. Roca Cortés, & R.K. Ulrich:
    "Study of the GOLF Low Frequency Range Spectra using MDI/SOI Data to Decomtaminate the Supergranulation Contribution"
    29 Sept 95

  62. H.P. Jones:
    "Cross-Calibration of MDI, NSO/KP, and GONG Magnetograms"
    20 October 95

  63. H.P. Jones:
    "Surface Flow of Magnetogram Features"
    10 Nov 95

  64. T.L. Duvall, Jr., P.H. Scherrer, S. Jefferies, J. Harvey, P. Kumar, & T. Tarbell:
    "The P-Mode Sources as Seen in Oscillations With Frequency Greater Than the Acoustic-Cutoff Frequency"
    16 Nov 95

  65. H. Lundstedt:
    "Neural Network Studies of SOHO Magnetograms "
    14 Dec 95

  66. O. Kjeldseth-Moe, P. Maltby, R.A. Harrison, K. Wilhelm, & P.H. Scherrer:
    "Temporal Variability in the Solar Transition Region"
    8 Feb 96

  67. O. Kjeldseth-Moe, P. Maltby, R.A. Harrison, K. Wilhelm, & P.H. Scherrer:
    "Connection Between Transition Region Lines and the Photospheric Magnetic Field"
    8 Feb 96

  68. J.C. Vial, R. Falciani, K.S. Balasubramaniam, K. Bocchialini, G. Cauzzi, A. Falchi, S.L. Keil, & L.A. Smaldone:
    "Dynamical Studies of Minor Solar Activity Phenomena"
    8 Feb 96

  69. T. Kucera:
    "Using MDI Data for an Educational Web Page"
    22 Feb 96

  70. M.F. Woodard:
    "Seismic Detection of Supergranulation"
    26 Feb 96

  71. A. van Ballegooijen & R. Noyes:
    "The Flux Distribution of Network and Intranetwork Magnetic Elements on the Quiet Sun"
    14 Mar 96

  72. T. Straus, F.-L. Deubner, B. Fleck, C. Marmolino, & G. Severino:
    "Convective and Oscillatory Phenomena in k-omega Phase Difference and Power Spectra"
    19 Mar 96

  73. J.G. Beck, R.K. Ulrich, & F. Hill:
    "Characteristic Size Scale of Supergranulation"
    17 Apr 96

  74. R.K. Ulrich & A.A. Norton:
    "Phase Relations Between Variations in Solar Surface Velocity and Magnetic Fields"
    8 May 96

  75. P. Martens & D. Gomez:
    "Spatial Power Spectra of Magnetograms and Coronal Images"
    25 May 96

  76. M. Ryutova:
    "Diagnostics of Subsurface Magnetic Fields, Mass Flows and Their Spatial Gradients from Time-Distance Analysis"
    28 May 96

  77. M. Ryutova, P. Scherrer, T. Bai, & T. Hoeksema:
    "Large-Scale Magnetic Fields and Mass Flows in the Solar Interior - Are Hot Spots and Coronal Holes Related?"
    28 May 96

  78. M. Ryutova, R. Bogart, F. Hill, & D. Haber:
    "The Search for the Magnetic and Flow Field Parameters Using Ring Diagrams Analysis"
    28 May 96

  79. D. Biesecker & S. Gibson:
    "The Large Scale Structure of the Solar Minimum Corona"
    3 June 96

  80. J.G. Timothy:
    "HiRES Flight/MDI Collaboration"
    6 June 96

  81. W. Neupert:
    "Correlation of Coronal Loop Evolution with Photospheric Magnetic Fields"
    11 June 96

  82. R.S. Bogart, T. Bai, & P.H. Scherrer:
    "Non-Axisymmetric Large-Scale Photospheric Motions"
    19 June 96

  83. [See Proposal #68]

  84. J.G. Doyle:
    "Chromospheric Oscillations"
    28 June 96

  85. R. Kariyappa, P. Scherrer, P. VenkataKrishnan, A. Vigouroux, K. Wilhelm:
    "Local Helioseismology and Heating of the Chromosphere and Corona"
    28 June 1996

  86. J. Lee, J.-C. Chae, & H.S. Yun:
    "Constructing Solar Magnetic Power Spectra from MDI Magnetograms"
    8 July 96

  87. R. Gilliland:
    "MDI Dark Frames for Cosmic Ray Study"
    9 July 96

  88. N. Hurlburt, M. Morrison, R. Shine, & G. Simon:
    "Comparison of Local Correlation Tracking from HR and FD Continuum Filtergrams"
    9 July 96

  89. V. Hansteen:
    "Possible MDI Participation in JOP 20"
    11 July 96

  90. S. Basu & H.M. Antia:
    "Seismology of the Solar Envelope"
    15 July 96

  91. J. Singh:
    "Statistical Studies of Velocity Patterns Inside the Supergranular Cells"
    25 July 96

  92. J. Lee, S. White, & M.R. Kundu:
    "Coronal Magnetic Fields Above an Emerging Flux Region"
    29 July 96

  93. P.R. Wilson and Y. Li:
    "The Evolution of the Large Scale Solar Magnetic Fields"
    14 Aug 96

  94. Y. Lithwick:
    "Velocity versus Brightness"
    27 Aug 96

  95. C. DeForest:
    "JOP 52: Lock-In Detection of Network-Driven Waves in the Corona"
    4 Sept 96

  96. D.M. Rust:
    "A Search for Toroidal Magnetic Fields in the Solar Atmosphere"
    10 Sept 96

  97. B. Handy, J.R. Lemen, T.D. Tarbell, and A.M. Title:
    "Multi-spectral Studies of a Coronal Channel"
    12 Sept 96

  98. L. Fletcher and the JOP033 Team:
    "Physical Properties of Soft X-ray/UV Jets"
    17 Sept 96

  99. L. Guhathakurta:
    "Interpretation of White Light Coronagraph Data with an Advanced MHD Model"
    17 Sept 1996

  100. S.K. Solanki, I. Rüedi, A.Brkovic, K. Stucki, M.C.E. Huber, R. Harrison, R. Esser, J. Gurman, and P.H. Scherrer:
    "Coronal Holes Versus Normal Quiet Sun" (JOP055)
    19 Sept 1996

  101. S.K. Solanki, I. Rüedi, A.Brkovic, K. Stucki, M.C.E. Huber, R. Harrison, J. Gurman, and P.H. Scherrer:
    "Empirical Scaling Laws for a Range of Temperatures" (JOP054)
    19 Sept 96

  102. D. Longcope and L. Acton:
    "Magnetic Topology and X-ray Loops"
    27 Sept 96

  103. R.A. Harrison:
    "Coordination of JOPs 3 and 17"
    27 Sept 96

  104. [See Proposal #98]

  105. F. Hill, D. Rabin, and T. Ayres:
    "The Relationship between Wave Energy and Cool Regions in the Solar Chromosphere"
    16 Oct 96

  106. P. Gilman, R. Bogart, R. Bush, W. Dziembowski, T. Duvall, Jr., A. Kosovichev, P. Scherrer, M. Thompson, Y. Vandakurov:
    "Detection of Inertial Oscillations"
    17 Oct 96

  107. V. Hansteen:
    "Request for MDI support on JOP42 'Nature of Non-Thermal Line Broadening' "
    22 Oct 96

  108. A. Kucera, J. Rybák, and H. Wöhl:
    "Search for Changes of Plasma Rotation Velocities Around Sunspots"
    31 Oct 96

  109. A.A. Pevtsov, R.C. Canfield, A.G. Kosovichev, P.H Scherrer, J.T. Hoeksema, X.P. Zhao, T.L. Duvall Jr., A. Title, T. Tarbell, C. Schrijver, R. Shine, and T. Berger:
    "Twist in Weak Magnetic Fields Outside Active Regions and Kinetic Helicity Surrounding Flows"
    7 Jan 97

  110. A.A. Pevtsov, S. Latushko, R.C. Canfield, A.G. Kosovichev, P.H Scherrer, J.T. Hoeksema, X.P. Zhao, and T.L. Duvall Jr.:
    "Topology of Solar Large-Scale Magnetic Field"
    7 Jan 97

  111. W. Schmidt and H. Wöhl:
    "Center-to-Limb Variation of the Photospheric Wave Spectrum"
    14 Jan 97

  112. B. Schmieder, P. Mein, J.-M. Malherbe, P. Demoulin, J.E. Wiik, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, J.C. Vial, T. Kucera, and A. Poland:
    "Proposal for Global Analysis of the Magnetic Field Evolution During the Period of Instability of a Fliament"
    16 Jan 97

  113. D. Longcope:
    "Observations of Magnetic Reconnection in X-ray Bright Points"
    24 Jan 97

  114. G.H. Fisher, D.W. Longcope, O.H.W. Siegmund, T.A. Kucera, J.R. Lemen, O.H.W. Siegmund and D. Zarro, T. R. Metcalf, and L. Jiao:
    "Structure and Dynamics of Transient Brightenings and their Relation to Magnetic Field Geometry"
    30 Jan 97

  115. S. Solanki, K. Stucki, A. Brkovic, and I. Ruedi:
    "Study of MDI Data Corresponding to JOP053, JOP054, and JOP055"
    4 Feb 97

  116. J. Pintar:
    "Comparison of SOI and GONG Time Series"
    5 Feb 97

  117. R. Walsh, J. Ireland, R. Harrison, B. Thompson, J.Saba, P. Lemaire, and S. Matthews:
    "Examination of Structure and Temporal Variation of Coronal Loops" (JOP 059)
    25 Feb 97

  118. M. Andrews:
    "MDI Data Request"
    7 March 97

  119. S. Jefferies and C. Toner:
    "Search for Solar g-modes Using the Limb Data"
    7 March 97

  120. K.T. Bachmann:
    "Measurement of High-Degree Solar Oscillation Frequencies"
    8 March 97

  121. C. Jordan, K. Macpherson, R. Harrison, P. Lemaire, & B. Stern:
    "Oxford Helium Enhancement Study" (JOP 062)
    4 April 97

  122. K. Bocchialini, J.-C. Vial, & Einaudi:
    "Diagnostic of Coronal Bright Points"
    11 April 97

  123. P. Gouttebroze, J.-C. Vial, K. Bocchialini, & J.W. Leibacher:
    "Acoustic Wave Propagation in Chromosphere and Transition Region"
    11 April 97

  124. C.S. Rosenthal and T.M. Brown:
    "Investigation of Mode Asymmetries and Acoustic Sources"
    21 April 97

  125. B. Thompson:
    "Study of Coronal Holes and Bright Points Using SOHO and Nancay Radioheliograph (NRH) Observations" (JOP 064)
    5 May 97

  126. R. Nigam and P.H. Scherrer:
    "Line Asymmetries Above and Below the Acoustic Cut-Off Frequency and the Excitation of Solar Oscillations"
    13 May 97

  127. F. Baudin, F. Hill, and J. Leibacher:
    "Determination of Frequencies of Medium l Modes"
    17 June 97

  128. M. Woodard and P. Kumar:
    "Energy Distribution of High-Degree Solar Oscillations"
    25 June 97

  129. Craig DeForest, B.J. Thompson, J.B. Gurman, and P. Lemy:
    "Polar Plumes and Magnetic Reconnection"
    30 June 97

  130. K.M. Hiremath:
    "Strength and Topology of the Large Scale General Magnetic Field"
    17 June 97

  131. K.M. Hiremath:
    "General and Global Properties of the Magnetic Field"
    17 June 97

  132. K.M. Hiremath:
    "Isorotation of the Internal Magnetic Field"
    17 June 97

  133. B. Bromage, C. DeForest, J.T. Hoeksema, B. Thompson, G. Del Zanna, and X.P. Zhao:
    "Characterization of a Low-Latitude Coronal Hole"
    24 July 97

  134. L. McDonald:
    "X-ray Bright Points"
    24 July 97

  135. A.H. McAllister, S.F. Martin, K.L. Harvey, J. Zirker, B. Lites, T. Brown, C. DeForest, J. Gurman, and D. Zarro:
    "Mini Erupting Filaments"
    25 July 97

  136. M.J. Thompson and M.J.P.F.G. Monteiro:
    "Asphericity of the Base of the Sun's Convective Envelope"
    4 August 97

  137. M. Karlicky and K. Jiricka:
    "Study of the July 9, 1996 Flare"
    2 Sept 97

  138. J.A. Klimchuk, and M. Ringel:
    "The Magnetic Field Dependence of the Solar Differential Emission Measure Distribution"
    12 Sept 97

  139. E.E. Benevolenskaya, J.T. Hoeksema, A.G. Kosovichev, and P.H. Scherrer:
    "Structure of the Double Magnetic Cycle"
    4 Oct 1997

  140. A.G. Kosovichev, S. Turck-Chieze, K.-C. Chu, P.H. Scherrer, J. Schou, R. Garcia, and R.K. Ulrich:
    "A Study of p and g Modes Using the MDI-GOLF Cross Spectra"
    4 Oct 1997

  141. A.G. Kosovichev:
    "Inversion of Combined MDI-GOLF Frequency Sets"
    4 Oct 1997

  142. H. Hagenaar, C. Schrijver, and T.L. Duvall, Jr.:
    "Topology and Dispersal of Magnetic Field Lines Below the Solar Photosphere"
    23 Oct 1997

  143. B. Handy, C. Schrijver, and H. Hagenaar:
    "A Dynamic Study of Coronal Brightenings"
    31 Oct 1997

  144. M. Lyons:
    "Coronal Destabilization Leading to CMEs"
    10 Feb 1998

  145. Róbert Erdélyi v. F.-S., Craig DeForest, Bart De Pontieu, J. G. Doyle, and the SOHO PI team:
    "What is the Nature of Transition Region Explosive Events?"
    6 March 1998

  146. J.G. Beck, T.L. Duvall, Jr., and P.H. Scherrer
    "Giant Cell Search"
    16 March 1998

  147. K. Muglach, B. Lites, K.S. Balasubramaniam, and M. Sigwarth:
    " The 3-D Structure of Sunspots and Their Surrounding Active Regions"
    30 March 1998

  148. Z. Frank, D. Alexander, M. Aschwanden, R. Nightingale:
    " Detection of Alpha Particles from Solar Flares"
    3 Sept 1998

  149. P. Goode:
    "Sun's Global Asymmetries from SOHO/MDI Data"
    3 Dec 1998

  150. H. Peter:
    "Doppler Shifts and Line Widths of Helium Lines and Their Relation to the Line Formation"
    25 March 1999

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