SOI Team Science Investigations

The core scientific program of SOI is to be achieved through a set of well-defined team science objectives. The activities of the science teams are summarized here and described in more detail under the individual home pages.

The SOI science teams individually define the scientific activities, both observation and analysis, needed to achieve their objectives. Each team has a Team Leader who is responsible for organizing the team and its activities. Actual development and conduct of the required observing procedures and data processing at the Science Support Center is directed by a Local Coordinator, a scientist resident at either Stanford or Lockheed and an active member of the team if possible. The Local Coordinator works closely with a designated Lead Programmer in development efforts and operations. The Local Coordinator is also responsibile for the relevant descriptive pages, and forms for updating the information are provided.

Note: Not all of the Team Science Working Groups have completed the WWW pages describing the Team's science objectives. Please see the Original SOI Science Objectives for a terse summary of the topics involved.

The following function as interest groups only: