MDI data sets at lev1.5 and above are organized by observable and image shape, size, and cadence. The Series Name contains the observable and the format information. MDI observing sequences that use the 160K high rate channel are called campaigns. Each campaign has a name which can be found in the observing logs.

The table linking observed campaign sequences to lev1.5 series names is linked below. It has multiple lines for each campaign name. Each line represents one data series that can be made from that campaign.

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The lower levels of processing, lev0 and lev1 are archived by Data Product Code as the series name. In order to find level0 or level1 data for a campaign, one needs to first use the above table to find the eventual series name, then use the following table to find the DPCs that contribute to that series.

Tables linking Lev1.5 series names to Data Product Codes (DPC) are kept in tab delimited tables with a row for each DPC that can contribute data to the data series.

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