SOI Data Sets


The data in these series are quick-look telemetry streams from individual station contacts of both real-time transmissions and recording dumps. These data are for quick-look analysis only. There may be redundant coverage from multiple stations. The data sets are archived, but only those from the last five days are included in the list below. Older quick-look data may be retrieved from the archive using database query tools.

Available Processing Levels

For a general description of processing levels within the SOI database, see the SOI Datasets description. These data are not ordinarily processed through the pipeline.

Available Data Series


Data from the 5 kbps Structure Program. Data sets are named by the date and time of the beginning of the contact.


Data from the 160 kbps Magnetic Program (real-time telemetry in Virtual Channel 2 only). Data sets are named by the date and time of the beginning of the contact. (An X following the final digit indicates that the time was approximated.)


(Instrument Engineering) Data. MDI housekeeping data from all contacts for the day are collected into a single dataset at the end of the day .

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Please address comments and questions to Rick Bogart, SOI Data Scientist

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