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Account Information


Any SOI team member may obtain a personal account on the SSSC. Logins are permitted on any of the machines listed below. There are no individual quotas on disk space usage nor on processing time, but users should respect both the system pipeline processing requirements and the needs of the users at the SSSC itself. Disk working space allocations are described below.


All hosts listed are in the domain There are also a number of NCD X-terminals scattered around the SSSC. There are a few special-purpose machines which should not be used for computing or logins (general logins may even be disabled on them):

Disk Space


Files on user home directories are backed up daily. There is insufficient space on the files systems containing these directories to permit the storage of large working data sets of more than 10's of MB (a few MDI images), and working space is provided on separate file systems that are not backed up. Working space is provided in two flavors: scratch space, which is specifically designated for individual users or groups of users and whose maintenance is wholly their responsibility; and temporary space, which is open to all and is subject to automatic purge when usage exceeds certain limits.

Scratch directories are designated /scrX, where X is a one- or two-digit number. The number of the scratch directory indicates the machine on which the corresponding file system is mounted. Temporary directories are designated /tmpX, with the same convention. Although most of the file systems are cross mounted via nfs, it is generally preferable to run I/O intensive jobs on the machine on which the files being accessed are mounted locally, if possible.

Scratch Space Assignments

For the current list of scratch space assignments, see

Working Space Mounts

Requests for system accounts should be directed to Rick Bogart. Scratch disk space allocations are established and periodically reviewed by a committee consisting of Jim Aloise, Rick Bogart, Brian Roberts, and Jesper Schou.

This page last revised 15 August, 1996.

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