add2obslog - update the MDI observing logs of  level  0  and
     level 1 data products


     add2obslog  [-v] [argument= value ...]


     add2obslog extracts the observing or reference time informa-
     tion  from each record in the input dataset(s) and places an
     appropriate entry for  the  appropriate  Data  Product  Code
     (DPC) in the corresponding mission-long observing log.  Both
     level-0 and level-1 data are catlogued  by  observing  time;
     for level-0 data this is inferred from the reference time.


     dpc=string          The DPC (an eight-character hex  string)
                         corresponding  to  the  input data to be

                         If the header file is used as  the  data
                         source  this argument must still be sup-
                         plied, and there is no  verification  of
                         the DPC.  NO DEFAULT.

     hdrs=string         The file name of a file  containing  the
                         record headers for the input data set of

                         If unspecified, online headers  for  the
                         appropriate dpc, level, and starting and
                         ending times as applicable will be used.

     lev=integer         The level number of  the  data  for  the
                         observing log.  Valid values are 0 or 1.
                         This value is required and there  is  no
                         verification  even  if the hdrs argument
                         is used.  DEFAULT: 0.

     day0=integer        First mission day to process when  work-
                         ing  from the online headers; ignored if
                         the  hdrs  argument  is  specified.   By
                         default  all days are processed (but the
                         observing    logs    only    begin    at
                         1996.01.01_00:00).  DEFAULT: 0.

     day1=integer        Last mission day to process when working
                         from the online headers.  DEFAULT: 0.







     SOI Data Product Quality Logs (SOI Technical Note 97-138)


     soi_errno is returned and also set as the abortflg value  in
     the results keylist.


     Neither the DPC nor the level number should have to be  sup-
     plied if the header file is given; they should be determined
     from the data  if  possible.   However,  there  are  certain
     datasets for which these parameters are not in the headers.

     File locking is included but has  not  been  verified.   The
     relevant obslog must be writeable.  It would be better if it
     were normally unwriteable and this module ran setuid.


     Rick Bogart


     2000-05-15     SOI Version 5.0