SOI/MDI Operations

Introduction and Overview

The operation of the MDI instrument is a joint activity involving Stanford University and Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory personnel. The MDI instrument is designed to be self-sufficient; daily commanding requirements will be limited, requiring only the setting of flags for telemetry rate and consequent operating mode changes as well as changes from one observing campaign to another. During normal operations there will be a small SOI-MDI staff at the Experimenters' Operations Facility(EOF) at Goddard Space Flight Center who will support the day-to-day operation of the instrument. These functions include manning the MDI Command Workstation in the EOF, verifying instrument health and safety, generating command loads, making the MDI data available to other instrument teams as requested, and representing SOI-MDI in the mission planning process. In addition, there will be facilities for the support of scientific studies including joint studies with other SOHO experiment groups. Personnel at the SOI Science Support Center located at Stanford University will be responsible for science planning including setting observational priorities and developing observing campaigns; data management, archive and distribution; and much of the data analysis. Additional engineering support will be provided by Lockheed-Martin.

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Mission Operations Documents

Operations Support

Information for operations planning and support is available for the MDI Operations Team.

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