Helioseismology Beginner's Bibliography

This page lists texts and journals and articles that introduce the newcomer to helioseismology. A college undergraduate science background is the assumed background for many of these writings, except for the more popular press articles.

A. Graps, "Interpreting the Sun's Vibrations," Scientific Computing World, pages 18-20, October 1997. Cover (90 degrees flipped).
    A general helioseismology account with a focus on some of helioseismology's scientific computing problems. The SOI group is featured with some of their August 1997 results.

R.J. Tayler, The Sun As A Star, Cambridge University Press, pages 60-66, 1997.
    An up-to-date, complete, undergraduate solar physics text with a 7 page section devoted to solar oscillations, assorted references to helioseismology throughout the rest of the text, and a 4 page Appendix describing the theory of solar oscillations.

K.R. Lang, "Unsolved Mysteries of the Sun -- Part 2." Sky and Telescope, pages 24-28, September 1996.
    Popular astronomy account of mysteries of the Sun's interior with focus on SOHO and helioseismology.

In a special Science issue devoted to GONG and Helioseismology:

D.O. Gough, J.W. Leibacher, P.H. Scherrer, J. Toomre, "Perspectives in Helioseismology", Science, 31 May 1996 1281-1283.

J.W. Harvey, F. Hill, R.P. Hubbard, J.R. Kennedy, J.W. Leibacher, J.A. Pintar, P.A Gilman, R.W. Noyes, A.M. Title, J. Toomre, R.K. Ulrich, A. Bhatnagar, J.A. Kennewell, W. Marquette, J. Patron, O. Saa, E. Yasukawa, "The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) Project", Science, 31 May 1996, 1284-1286.

F. Hill, P.B. Stark, R.T. Stebbins, E.R Anderson, H.M. Antia, T.M. Brown, T.L. Duvall Jr., D.A. Haber, J.W Harvey, D.H. Hathaway, R.Howe, R.P. Hubbard, H.P. Jones, J.R. Kennedy, S.G. Korzennik, A.G. Kosovichev, J.W. Leibacher, K.G. Libbrecht, J.A. Pintar, E.J. Rhodes Jr., J.Schou, M.J. Thompson, S. Tomcyk, C.G. Toner, R. Toussaint, W.E. Williams, "The Solar Acoustic Spectrum and Eigenmode Parameters", Science, 31 May 1996, 1292-1295.

D.O. Gough, A.G. Kosovichev, J. Toomre, E. Anderson, H.M. Antia, S.Basu, B. Chaboyer, S.M. Chitre, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, W.A. Dziembowski, A. Eff-Darwich, J.R. Elliot, P.M. Giles, P.R. Goode, J.A. Guizik, J.W. Harvey, F. Hill, J.W. Leibacher, M.J.P.F.G. Monteiro, O. Richard, T. Sekii, H. Shibahashi, M. Takata, M.J. Thompson, S. Vauclair, S.V. Vorontsov, "The Seismic Structure of the Sun." Science, 31 May 1996, 1296-1300.

J. Harvey, "Sounding Out the Sun," Physics Today, October 1995, pages 32-38.
    An excellent (recommended by us) undergraduate/graduate level article about helioseismology basics, observational helioseismology, new discoveries, and future prospects by a helioseimologist at National Solar Observatory.

R. Kippenhahn, Discovering the Secrets of the Sun, Wiley Press, 1994. Chapter 10: Oscillations of the Sun, pg 165-185.
    Popular astronomy account of helioseismology. (We highly recommend the whole book for an entertaining and educational account of the Sun.)

Nicholas Booth, "In the Realm of the Sun," chapter in Exploring the Solar System, Cambridge University Press, pages 31-33, 1995.
    Richly illustrated popular planetary science text with 3 pages devoted to solar oscillations in The Realm of the Sun chapter.

T. Brown, "Asteroseismology", Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 32, pages 37-82, 1994.
    Undergraduate/Graduate level text about normal-mode pulsations in stars, with the main example being the Sun.

D. Gough and J. Toomre, "Seismic Observations of the Solar Interior", Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 29, pages 627-685, 1991.
    Undergraduate/Graduate level text giving a complete overview of helioseismology.

M. Stix, "Oscillations" chapter, in The Sun, Springer-Verlag, pages 150-193, 1991.
    Graduate/Undergraduate text with a technical chapter discussing solar oscillations.

R.W. Noyes, "The Sun," chapter in The New Solar System, Beatty and Chaikin ed., Sky Publishing Corporation, pages 22-24, 1990.
    Richly illustrated popular planetary science text with 3 pages devoted to solar oscillations in The Sun chapter.

"Taking the Solar Pulse," section in the volume: The Sun, Voyage through the Universe Series, Time-Life Books, pages 53-57, 1990.
    Even more richly illustrated popular solar science text with 5 pages devoted to solar oscillations.

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