SOHO/MDI and other SOHO Press Releases

March 30, 2000

Touching the Heart of the Solar Dynamo Periodic variations in the strength of the rotation shear at the base of the convection zone have been detected with a combination of GONG and MDI observations.

March 9, 2000

MDI Peers Through to the Otherside of the Sun Images of an active region on the far side of the Sun were derived by applying seismic holography to recent helioseismic observations from space.

May 27, 1998

Solar Flare Leaves Sun Quaking [press release 27 May 1998] - Members of the SOI Science Team analyzing MDI data have shown for the first time that solar flares produce seismic waves in the Sun's interior that closely resemble those created by earthquakes on our planet. The researchers observed a flare-generated solar quake that contained about 40,000 times the energy released in the great earthquake that devastated San Francisco in 1906.

November 5, 1997

August 28, 1997

February 14, 1997

December 17, 1996: Press Conference held at AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco

The following are news stories associated with the December 17 press conference:

December 2, 1996: First Anniversary of SOHO Launch

May 2, 1996

The first press conferences announcing SOHO scientific results were held in Paris and Washington, D.C. on 2 May 1996. Following are press releases associated with these news conferences:

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