A collection of nice images produced from SOHO/MDI observations

The still images below are shown as small gif files and are available by clicking on the image, as larger images either jpeg or gif. They are also available in higher resolution postscript. In the case of movie files, representative frames are shown as small and larger gifs with both mpeg and quicktime video. Some of the movie files are in non-standard form factors and may not play on all PC and Mac platforms. They all work fine on SGI and Linux platforms and will be remade and cross checked as time permits. the order of these images is at present, random.
MDI Greatest Hits

rotation sphere Postscript Rotation of the Sun's interior. Described in Aug 1997 NASA Space Science Update.
structure sphere Postscript Structure of the Sun's interior.
lnu diagram Postscript l-nu diagram from MDI high-cadence full disk data. Shows mode frequencies up to 10 milliHz and l=1000.
sunspot closeup large mpeg, small mpeg, large quicktime, small quicktime Big Sunspot, More info on SOHO Hotshots web pages
view beneath sunspot Postscript with labels

eps with no labels

Wave-speed beneath a sunspot. Spot was in MDI high-resolution field in June 1998.
rings around flare site mpeg Ripples of vertical motion spread from the site of a flare. Details in the press release of May 1998.
cross section of internal rotation Postscript Cross section of internal rotation.
Magnetic Carpet jpeg, Postscript Magnetic field lines computed from MDI observations overlain on a simultaneous image from SOHO/EIT.
Farside of Sun mpeg, quicktime, Images of both sides of the Sun, side toward Earth and backside. Method described at NASA Space Scienc Update March 2000.. Further details and current images are here.
Sun - front and farside Mpeg(3.2meg)
Quicktime(9.8meg )
Farside and Frontside for life of AR9393. March to June 2001
Surface Frame 123 Still
Frame 183 Still
Frame 243 Still
Sound speed and flow beneath spot. MDI time-distance analysis. Described in AGU press releast Dec 2001.
View of Sun and beneath sunspot BelowSunspot_rendering.mp3 (3 Meg)
UnderSunspot_combined.mpg (12.6 Meg)
SolarOscillations.mpg part 1 (3.3 Meg)
UnderSunspot_slices.mpg part 2 (3.7 Meg)
UnderSunspot_flows.mpg part 3 (5.7 Meg)
Flows and temperature beneath a sunspot. Described in Nov 2001 NASA Space Science Update.
Sunspot 12/02/97 Sunspot 7/14/00 High-res look at an active regions in brightness, magnetic field, and velocity. December 2, 1997 and July 14, 2000. The July observation was at the time of a large flare and coronal mass ejection (CME).
Tachocline shear mpeg Variation in rotation shear at the bottom of the convection zone. Details described in a Press release March 30, 2000.
fd_V movie mpeg, quicktime MDI full-disk Dopplergram sequence shows solar "5-minute" oscillations.
hr_V movie mpeg (10 meg) MDI Dopplergrams from high resolution field show solar oscillations. This data was observed at a 12-second cadence.
fd_mag movie mpeg (2.5 meg) MDI full disk magnetograms for one month in 1998.
sounds of sun aiff audio au format audio Sounds of solar oscillations. see Solar-Center music page and More info and sounds.

sunspot slices

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