The SOI-MDI Magnetic Field Team

Team Leader & Local Coordinator: Todd Hoeksema

The SOI-MDI Magnetic Field Team's science goals and tasks include:

The Initial Team Publication

At this point our team plans one initial publication that indicates the quality of the data and demonstrates some of its capabilities. The paper will describe the magnetic program, present the results of a month or two of high quality data, describe the time evolution of flux observed over an interesting time interval, present an initial comparison with ground based observations [KPNO, BBSO, MtW Hawaii, ... ] both synoptic and high quality/resolution, and perhaps show how MDI can track the evolution of flux in a developing active region.

The initial publication will have a fairly inclusive author list and talk about both calibration and initial scientific results. Subsequent papers will be authored by those contributing to the incremental work.

The SOI-MDI Magnetic Field Team Rules of Operation

During the September 1995 SOI Team meeting we discussed at some length how the Magnetic Field Team will operate.

Magnetic Field Team membership is open to members of the SOI team who are interested and active in team activities listed above. Participation in a team science proposal demonstrates interest and activity in the team activities.

*** Proposals for the team science goals should be submitted soon.

The team will not, in general, organize group activities, but will coordinate and consolidate overlapping individual efforts. The team will function primarily as a special interest group and act as a clearinghouse for SOI proposals involving magnetic field observations.

As for any other use of SOI data, investigations/JOPS requiring magnetic field data must be submitted as SOI science proposals and are subject to the usual rules, including the need for a CoI sponsor. See the SOI-MDI AO for more details.

The contents of the team's initial results paper will follow the outline above. In general authorship of papers using MDI magnetic field data will be limited to those doing incremental work for that investigation. Reference to the initial results paper should be sufficient for those not collaborating directly in an analysis.

First Round of Proposals

The following proposals were referred to this group. All seem like reasonable projects, but no final disposition has been made. P#16 may fold into the initial publication, at least in part. P#24 really overlaps with the coronal physics (a.k.a. coronal magnetic field) team and needs a sponsor. P#35 & P#36 also overlap with coronal physics. P#37 is a part of the team intercalibration topic.

It's quite clear that the team needs to write more proposals to cover the topics we've set out for ourselves.

The team feels that the study of the solar cycle, as least from the magnetic point of view, probably falls within the purview of this team too. Those proposals haven't been considered yet.

This page last revised 3 November, 1995.

Comments are welcome and should be directed to Todd Hoeksema.

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