Guest Investigator Proposals Funded for FY 1997

The following list gives the titles and names of the proposers (principal investigators in boldface) for MDI-related Guest Investigator Proposals funded by NASA for FY 1997.

For more information, see the NASA FY 97 SOHO Guest Investigator Program Web Page.

  1. "Equation of State Studies Using SOHO Data"
    Werner Däppen, USC

  2. "Solar Oscillation Background Spectrum and Time-Distance Helioseismology"
    John W. Harvey, NOAO

  3. "A Study of the Process of Magnetic Flux Disappearance in Canceling Bipoles"
    Karen L. Harvey, NOAO, Harrison P. Jones, NASA/GSFC, Matthew Penn, NSO/NOAO, Donald Hassler, HAO/NCAR

  4. "The Relationship Between Wave Energy and Cool Regions in the Solar Chromosphere"
    Frank Hill, NSO, Thomas Ayres, CASA, Douglas Rabin, NSO

  5. "Helioseismic Holography"
    Charles A. Lindsey, NOAO, Douglas C. Braun, HAO

  6. "Small-Scale Erupting Filaments on the Quiet Sun"
    Alan H. McAllister, Helio Research, Sara F. Martin, Helio Research, Karen L. Harvey, Solar Physics Research Corp., Bruce Lites and Philip Judge, HAO, Jack Zirker, NSO-Sac.Peak

  7. "Automated Recognition and Characterization of Solar Active Regions Based on the SOHO/MDI Images"
    Judit M. Pap, UCLA, Michael Turmon, JPL

  8. "Modern Statistical Methods for Helioseismic Spectrum Estimation"
    Philip B. Stark, UC Berkeley

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