Guest Investigator Proposals Funded for FY 1999

The following list gives the titles and names of the proposers (principal investigators in boldface) for MDI-related Guest Investigator Proposals funded by NASA for FY 1999.

For more information, see the NASA FY 99 SOHO Guest Investigator Program Web Page.

  1. "A Proposal to Compare Ground-based Photometric Images with Irradiance Data from SOHO,"
    G.A. Chapman and S.R. Walton, Calif. State Univ., Northridge

  2. "Equation of State Studies Using SOHO Data,"
    W. Däppen, Univ. of Southern Calif.

  3. "Applications of the Filter Diagonalization Special Estimator in Helioseismology,"
    W. Däppen, A. Jones, D. Belkic, and H. Taylor, Univ. of Southern Calif.

  4. "Nearly Steady Photospheric Flows from SOHO/SOI,"
    D.H. Hathaway, Marshall Space Flight Center

  5. "Application of Three-dimensional, Time Dependent Modeling to a Survey of X-ray Bright Points,"
    C.C. Kankelborg, D.W. Longcope, and A.A. Pevtsov, Montana State University

  6. "Solar Limb Shape, Radius, & Oscillation Studies Using SOHO/MDI,"
    J.R. Kuhn and R.I. Bush, Univ. of Hawaii

  7. "Characterization of Helioseismic Mode Parameters, Their Solar Cycle Variations, & Their Impact on Inferences of Solar Dynamics Using SOI/MDI Data,"
    J.W. Leibacher, R. Howe, F. Hill, J.W. Harvey, R. Komm, S.M. Jefferies, C. Toner, and S. Jacoby, National Solar Observatory

  8. "Study of Total Solar & Spectral Irradiance Variations on the SOHO/VIRGO & MDI Measurements,"
    J.M. Pap, UCLA

  9. "Microflares in Low-lying Core Fields & Extended Coronal Heating,"
    J.G. Porter, E. Tandberg-Hanssen, R.L. Moore, D.H. Hathaway, D.A. Falconer, and K.P. Dere, Marshall Space Flight Center

  10. "Studies of Solar Internal Structure & Dynamics Using High-Degree p-Mode Observations from the SOHO MDI Full-Disk Program,"
    E.J. Rhodes, Jr., J. Schou, and J. Reiter, Univ. of Southern Calif.

  11. "Solar Convection and Oscillations,"
    R.F. Stein, Michigan State University

  12. "Global & Local Helioseismic Studies of Solar Convection Zone Dynamics Using SOI-MDI on SOHO,"
    J. Toomre, Univ. of Colorado

  13. "Calibration & Intercomparison of Data from MDI, GOLF, & Mt. Wilson,"
    R.K. Ulrich, UCLA

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