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The data in these series are derived from individual calibrated data products of SOI. These data are available for scientific analysis under the terms of the SOI Data Policy. SOI data are made available for automated retrieval and export via both on-line and off-line mechanisms; see the Export Help Page.

The data sets included here correspond to observations made with various combinations of onboard observing and processing procedures in order to produce sets of consistent measurements of the physical quantities with the maximum continuity possible. Thus, for example, 30-second exposures from some minutes have been combined with 60-second exposures from other minutes in the same hour or day, and missing samples of data normally averaged on board have been filled in when possible with data averaged from full images taken at the same time.

NOTE: Lev1.8 full-disk 96m magnetograms have been recalibrated,
All export requests for lev1.8 magnetograms will be calibrated with the new process. See the Solar News announcement for a recap of the changes to the calibration. The old-style magnetograms will be available through the end of 2007 by special request. For questions or requests, contact MDI.

Available Processing Levels

For a general description of processing levels within the SOI database, and information about the search procedure, see the SOI Datasets description.

Available Data Series

Level 1.8/Level 1.5 Data

This is the primary collection of calibrated data products from SOI/MDI suitable for analysis without special software tools. Most data sets contain collections of 2-dimensional FITS files (a few may contain 3-dimensional FITS files representing time series of images) with ancillary data in ASCII form.
N. B. Ending dates and the number of data sets (hours or days) in the lists below are not kept up to date! Additional data are likely to be available.

Hourly Data Sets (from High Rate Science)

`Full-Disk' Resolution Data

High-Resolution Dopplergrams

High-Resolution Dopplergrams (Circular Polarization)

High-Resolution Continuum

High-Resolution Line-Depth

High-Resolution Magnetograms

High-Resolution Continuum Filtergrams

Daily Data Sets (from Low Rate Science & Synoptic)

Other Data Sets (reconstructed)

Discontinued Data Sets (for historical interest)

Level 1.7/Level 1.4 Data

These data sets are similar to the Level 1.8/Level 1.5 data above, except that those data products originally formatted as one-dimensional lists for purposes of telemetry conservation retain their original format. The data involved are primarily either circular crops of the full field from the high-rate telemetry or any of the various products from the low-rate telemetry. As with the Level 1.8/Level 1.5 data, all digital data are in FITS files, with ancillary data in ASCII tables. Interpreting the data requires special software available at Stanford and Lockheed-Martin.

Hourly Data Sets (from High Rate Science)

Daily Data Sets (from Low Rate Science & Synoptic)

Discontinued Data Sets (for historical interest)

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