SOI Data Sets - prog:mdi_eof - by DPC (Low-Rate)

The data in these series are derived from telemetry in the low-rate channel (Real-Time and Quick-Look). These data are available for quick-look and planning purposes. They may not be suitable for scientific analysis.

The datasets included here correspond to observations made with particular onboard observing and processing procedures represented by unique 32-bit Data Product Codes (DPC's). Very brief descriptions of those products from the DPC table are included. Standard series are highlighted. They include the current software versions of the limb continuum, 8*8 summed averages of continuum and line-depth, continuum and velocity binned into LOI-like pixels, and vector-weighted bins of velocity. A DPC decoder is available to interpret valid codes conforming to the rules.

Available Processing Levels

For a general description of processing levels within the SOI database, see the SOI Datasets description. Unless otherwise noted, all Data Products available are Level 0.

Available Data Series

Medium-l | LOI V | LOI C | Line Depth | Continuum | Limb | Magnetograms

Daily Data Sets (from High Rate Science)

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