Theoretical Studies of Wave Propagation in the Sun

Shravan Hanasoge, 2007

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The entire thesis 4.7 MB

Preamble Including Abstract, Table of Contents, List of Figures and List of Tables 117 kB
Chapter 1 Introduction 290 kB
Chapter 2 Computations in Spherical Geometry 1.2 MB
Chapter 3 Near-surface oscillations 872 kB
Chapter 4 The Born approximation for magnetic fields 402 kB
Chapter 5 Scattering by a flux tube 259 kB
Chapter 6 Concluding remarks 74 kB
Appendix A Altering the background state 42 kB
Appendix B Code verification 1.5 MB
Appendix C Kernels and Phase speeds 65 kB
Appendix D The scattering coefficients 64 kB
Appendix E Eigenvalues 54 kB
Bibliography 59 kB

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